Volunteer Projects

Are you interested in volunteering in Roatán, Honduras?

Maybe you have talents or skills in a certain area – like construction, photography, or dance – that you want to use to help, teach, or bring joy to others.

Maybe you don't have anything special in mind, but you're willing to use your time to help others in whatever way might be needed.

Or maybe you just want the opportunity to connect with people from a different culture in an intentional and meaningful way.

Enrique with a group of children smiling for the camera

Whether you're here for a few weeks or just a few hours, we can help you create connections and a meaningful experience for everyone involved.


We’re happy to work with you to coordinate your project vision. We use our expertise to match your interests and skills with community needs. We always take care to implement projects that will ultimately be helpful and not harmful to the community long term. Here, you can find a list of ideas based on past visits and current needs. Let it inspire you!

Already feeling inspired?

One day


Teach a free master class in dance, yoga, or Zumba to local youth or adults.


Take high-quality photos of the children and youth we serve to help us improve our website, or provide family pictures for those who may not otherwise have them.


Spend a few hours at a school or community area coloring, reading books, jumping rope, playing soccer, and laughing with children.

One week


Help finish construction on our Home for Youth.


Bring a soccer team to compete against local teams, treat teams to a pizza party afterward as a cultural exchange.


Create a fun multi-day carnival or camp experience for local families.

One month

Marketing Intern

Help us expand our reach by providing training on improving our social media presence, or running a donation campaign towards a specific fundraising goal.

Communications Intern

Help us interview the people we serve and create high-quality stories or videos for our website.

Do any of these ideas spark your interest? Do you have another idea for a project that would be perfect for you?

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