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Corazón Catracho: Meaningful connections + ongoing community support = lives changed.

We are a nonprofit located on the island of Roatán, Honduras.

We love creating volunteer experiences that connect people across cultures.

We’re passionate about providing long-term support to the communities we serve.

What does Corazón Catracho mean?

The words Corazón Catracho may be tricky to translate, but the deeper meaning is easy to understand. Corazón is the Spanish word for “heart,” both literally (like the body part) and metaphorically (like when someone says, “You have a kind and generous heart.”) Catracho is a word Hondurans use to describe themselves – If you’ve ever heard of how people from Indiana call themselves “Hoosiers,” you’ll understand the idea.

So Corazón Catracho means Honduran heart or spirit. At Corazón Catracho, we’re proud of our Honduran spirit – we believe in empowering Hondurans to support fellow Hondurans. And, as anyone who has come to visit us can tell you, when you spend enough time here connecting with others in a meaningful way, a piece of Honduras will stay in your heart as well ♥.


Do you care deeply about helping others? Do you want to connect with people from other cultures in an intentional and meaningful way?

Imagine participating in a volunteer trip that has been planned with your specific gifts and talents in mind. Where you get to share your passions and bring moments of joy into the lives of others.

We invite you to join us in creating memories and planting seeds of positive development in others’ lives – and in your own.


Visitors come and go, but the needs of communities are ongoing. We’re always here – working towards long-term solutions.

We’re currently focused on:

    • Providing struggling youth with a safe place to work and study
    • Providing a community with access to clean water
    • Meeting day-to-day needs within our community as they arise

These projects are crucial to the community – and since we’re focused on long-term change, any contribution has immeasurable impact.

Children using umbrellas in school because the roof is leaking

What others are saying

Our group had a great time with Enrique! He gave us a great opportunity to work with kids in a school, and to build a teacher’s desk! He knows the people in the communities and what they need the most. He showed us things we would not have been able to see without his help.
MaKenzie and Alicia
College students, Champaign IL
Enrique and Jackie took us on a beautiful mainland adventure. We saw some of the coastal city, went rafting on a river, and swam in a waterfall. We even got to jump in from rocks! We stayed in beautiful cabins in the national forest! It was unlike anything we’ve ever seen!
Addi and Zoey
High school Spanish students, Fisher IL
I love soccer, and Enrique let us help with training in the soccer program that he works with. We had so much fun, and at the same time were able to connect with some of the kids and learn about their lives. We saw where some of them live and learned what makes them happy and what they struggle with. We have been able to stay connected with a couple, helping them to go to school.
College student, Normal IL
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