If you don’t already have accommodations for your trip to Roatán, we’re happy to help! We can make arrangements for teams, families, or individuals. And we have different options to fit a variety of budgets.

Home for Youth – $

Although it’s still under construction and not yet fully furnished, our youth home is able to accommodate large teams looking for a very budget-friendly option. The building is structurally sound and secure – the main structure is complete, and the doors lock. But it may be lacking amenities such as electricity, drywall, and furniture. Work is in progress, so please contact us for an update if you’re considering this option.

Home Stay – $

Stay with a local family– this is the best way to be immersed in the local culture and make meaningful connections. Many vacation homes are owned and run by foreigners. So by staying with a family, you’re supporting the local economy.

You’ll also save money!

If you’re interested in this option, please contact us. Also let us know your language preference – English or Spanish. We’ll let you know if we have availability at that time.

If you want to work hard by day but relax by the pool at night, this is a great option. Blue Bahia is conveniently located in Sandy Bay, close to us and many volunteering locations.

Also conveniently located in Sandy Bay, Sundancer is slightly more rustic and budget-friendly, but still offers amenities like beach access and a pool.

If you would rather stay in more of a tourist area, these cabins are the place to be! Coconut Tree’s Half Moon Bay location is located in West End, within walking distance of many restaurants, gift shops, and dive shops.

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