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Do you want to help us to provide ongoing support and long-term solutions for the youth and families we serve?

Consider becoming a monthly donor! One-time donations help us work towards large goals like constructing our Home for Youth, while recurring donations help us to be a stable and reliable part of people’s lives.

You can make both kinds of donations using the form below.

The details:
Corazón Catracho is a registered Honduran NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), which is the international version of a 501c3 nonprofit. Because we aren’t based in the US, the best way to make a donation to us from the United States is through our partner organization, Mission Roatán.

Mission Roatán is a 501c3 nonprofit – so your gift will be tax-deductible (yay!). The button below will let you make an online donation to Mission Roatán’s Corazón Catracho grant fund.

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Another way to get involved is to follow along with the progress we make on our projects! The best way to receive updates right now is to follow our Facebook page.

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