Our Mission

Corazón Catracho assists those in need in Honduras with love, compassion, and humility and fosters cross-cultural connections between people in Honduras and others around the world.

We believe that...

Girl in school uniform smiling and enjoying a snack among friends

We’re all human. We all have needs and we all have struggles. We all have hopes and dreams. We all have a need for belonging and a need for meaning in our lives.

We come from different backgrounds.

We may come from wealth or poverty – or somewhere in between.

We may have wonderful childhood memories, or we may still carry childhood hurts and burdens with us – or both.

We may have had access to the best education available, or we may have made do with what we had.

We may have communities that uplift us, or we may feel outcast and alone sometimes.

Just as others don’t know all of our personal struggles and triumphs, it’s impossible for us to know all of these things about another person just by looking at them or hearing where they’re from.

Two women walking, holding the hands of a toddler between them

Volunteering is not just helping the “less fortunate.” You may find that those “less fortunate” than you are actually more fortunate in some ways. You may end up connecting with someone who seems very different from you in ways you didn’t expect. You may find that you end up gaining more through volunteering than you can give, and that’s ok!

Young girl with a sparkler in the dark

Regardless of our backgrounds, we all have something to offer. And we all have something to learn. No one has too little or is too poor or too young or too broken to have something to offer, and no one has too much or is too blessed or knowledgeable to have something to learn.

Each of us has the power within us to make positive changes in our lives. We don’t try to control the choices of others, but offer resources to those who want the help.

Young boy eating rice

Small acts of love and compassion make a difference. They can create small changes in the lives of people we are helping. Or, we may see change in our own lives. Those small changes have a ripple effect, reaching farther than we ever imagined.

We don’t have perfect solutions to global problems like poverty, addiction, or family conflict.

But with every action, we try to take a step in the right direction.

If we learn that our actions aren’t helping, we’re willing to learn and change. But we know that inaction will accomplish nothing, so we’ll continue to take the next right step.

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