Sample Trips

Paying to volunteer?

You might be wondering why there is a fee for our trips at all– Why would it cost money to “volunteer”? Rest assured, we are a registered Honduran NGO, so we don’t make a profit from these trips. All fees cover the costs of your visit or directly benefit the people you’re coming to help.

The people of Roatán are often paid very little by their employers since the minimum wage in Honduras is so low. But, because of the high number of wealthy foreigners who live on the island, the cost of living is actually quite high.

Providing fair compensation to the people who pick you up at the airport, cook for you, or interpret for you helps to create stable homes – lifting families out of poverty. We strive to provide fair compensation for everyone we work with, and your trip costs help us do that.

So what can I expect to pay?

Because of the many ways our volunteer trips can be customized to fit your needs, we can’t determine how much they’ll cost until we learn more about your unique situation.

Costs may vary based on:

  • Time of year (based on tourism seasons in Roatán)
  • Group size
  • People per room
  • Other factors

But we know that it’s helpful to have a general idea of what to expect. Below, we’ve outlined some sample trips, to give you an idea of what costs to think about and how much to budget. Please note that airfare isn’t included in these estimates.

Remember that all of these options can be combined and customized to create a trip that fits your budget and needs.

If you have questions about the cost of a volunteer experience you have in mind, please contact us.

American teen cooking with a Honduran woman

Low budget trip

Accommodations: Home for Youth

Transportation: Provided by Corazón Catracho

Meals: Groceries and home cooked

Supplies: Minimal

Guide/Interpreter: 1

Recreational activities: Zipline and snorkeling

Cost: ~$650/person/week

Group of American teens eating together on the balcony of a home

Medium budget trip

Accommodations: Sundancer or Coconut Tree

Transportation: Provided by Corazón Catracho

Meals: Fast food and home cooked

Supplies: Kids’ activities + small-scale construction

Guide/Interpreter: 2

Recreational activities: Boat trip, snorkeling, zip line

Cost: ~$1200/person/week

Group eating together at a restaurant

High budget trip

Accommodations: Blue Bahia

Transportation: Provided by Corazón Catracho

Meals: Restaurants and meals with local families

Supplies: Kids’ activities + small-scale construction

Guide/Interpreter: 3

Recreational activities: Dolphin swim, boat trip, snorkeling, zip line

Cost: ~$1800/person/week

We want to reiterate that these sample trips are only meant to give you a general idea of expenses to budget for. Our trips are completely customizable to your needs and preferences.

Do you want to…

  • Work hard all week and stay at the Home for Youth, then enjoy a weekend at the Blue Bahia before heading home?
  • Do an internship for a month, while practicing your Spanish and getting around on your own using public transit?
  • Volunteer with us for just a few hours and eat a meal with a local family while your cruise ship is docked?

We have experience planning all these types of trips!  Contact us with your preferences, and we’ll let you know how much to budget for your trip.

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